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Smoothbore Kits:

NOTE: smoothbore kits are provided with pre-inlet walnut stocks and brass or iron hardware as was appropriate in the original arms.

1728 1st Model Brown Bess kit - $750
1742 1st Model Brown Bess kit - $750
1755 1st Model Brown Bess kit - $785
English Fowler kit - $585
Trade Gun kit - $615

Rifle Kits:

Jaeger Rifle (German and American style) - $675
Jaeger Rifle kit with pre-inlet wooden patchbox - $760
A. Verner style Longrifle* (no patchbox included) - $640
  *note: the above kit can be used for any Bucks county style rifle

Dickert Lancaster rifle kit* (no patchbox included) - $490
      *note: the above rifle kit can be used for any Lancaster style rifle

1770 Lancaster rifle kit* (no patchbox) - $625
      *note: this style is an earlier stock profile suitable for Rev War

NOTE: Prices for the above longrifles reflect plain maple pre-inlet stocks and iron hardware. For fancy curly maple add $25. For brass hardware add $20.

Isaac Haines style rifle kit* (Fully inlet for all hardware; the
price quoted is for iron hardware - brass is available at extra cost) - $740

NOTE: Isaac Haines rifle comes with fully pre-inlet curly maple stock

NOTE: Longrifle kits come with swamped Colerain barrels with choice of calibers.

[Custom-built]   [Kits]


*NOTE - Shipping costs are extra and will be computed based on weight, destination, and insurance necessary. UPS will be the prime shipper.  A hard shell gun case, with egg-crate foam interior in which to store your rifle, and ensure it's safety during shipping, can be included for an additional cost of $100.  Such cases are ideal to transport your rifle to and from the range and ensure it will always be protected during travel or storage.

*REFUNDS - Due to the fact that each rifle is custom tailored to a customer's wishes refunds will be made only by arrangement with the gunsmith. The gunsmith and Pennsylvania Longrifles Inc do not take responsibility for defects in parts produced by suppliers, vendors or manufacturers, however we will replace a defected part for shipping costs only. Pennsylvania Longrifles, Inc. will NOT accept responsibility for injuries or damage caused by misuse of its longrifles, for abuse or neglect, or for injury or damage resulting from ignorance in the use of blackpowder firearms. USE ONLY BLACK POWDER in all firearms produced by Pennsylvania Longrifles Inc. Smokeless powder should never be used in a blackpowder firearm.