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Thank you for visiting Pennsylvania Longrifles, Inc.

NOTICE: Pennsylvania Longrifles will be accepting no further orders involving non-standard barrel lengths or dimensions at this time. Orders already placed will be completed. Killdeer rifles will no longer be produced. Those killdeer rifles on order will be completed as ordered. 

I am now taking orders on a regular basis due to vastly improved health, and due to an apprentice trainee helping me in the work. The apprentice has been working with me for a year, and is fully capable in doing the "grunt" work of roughing out stocks from stock blanks, rough shaping, and other tasks as assigned. All inletting, finish work, fine details, carving and custom work is done by the Gunsmith himself. This new situation should allow me to return to my old order taking and production ability.

Note that currently barrels, stock blanks, pre-carved stocks, many brass and silver parts, and some locks are on backorder in many cases. This is due to the downturn in the economy regarding lumber yards, the death recently of an old gentleman who did precarved stocks, and due to Green Mountain barrel works being primarily engaged in filling a huge military contract for barrels. All other barrel makers are struggling to take up the slack and their barrels are often backordered for 90 days or more. It would be best to order sooner than you normally would to meet any target date for completion to account for this backlog, but the Gunsmith is not held liable for completion dates until this situation resolves. He will update this website with that change in situation when it occurs and appears resolved consistently.

God bless you all.